A la carte menu

Salty or sweet, we have something for everyone to eat in or to take away

Group menu


Falafel (LF, GF*, V*)

Falafels, garlic yogurt, beet hummus, and pita bread

8,9 €

Fried halloumi (GF)

Halloumi cheese, apple chutney, lemon, and sprouts

8,2 €

Cold smoked salmon toast (LF)

Cold smoked salmon, eggs, red onions, mayonnaise, dill oil, caviart, lemon, and Bryggeri’s mash rye bread

15,9 €

Burrata (GF*)

Burrata, basil, lemon, toast, and pistachio nuts

17,9 €

Smoked salmon soup (LF, GF*)

Smoke salted salmon, cream, dill butter, and Bryggeri’s mash rye bread

Small 9,9 €

Large 15,4 €


Grand antipasto

Selection of cold cuts, n’duja, burrata, basil, lemon, pesto, and bread

For one 16,0 €

For two 29,0 €


Falafels, halloumi, olives, tzatziki, beet hummus, apple chutney, aioli, and pita bread

For one 15,0 €

For two 27,0 €

Bread basket

Selection of bread and spreads

3,0 € / PERSON



Roasted salmon, scampi, clams, vegetables, and aioli

27,9 €


Cornflake crusted chicken breast, buffalo sauce, pickles, and jalapeno mac’n’cheese

23,9 €

Pork souvlaki (LF, GF)

Pork skewer (200g), Bryggeri’s tzatziki, roasted tomatoes, and fried rosemary potatoes

24,9 €

Roasted eggplant and pistou (LF, GF, V*)

Eggplants, roasted garlic puree, oven tomatoes, and risotto

20,9 €

Beets and blue cheese salad (LF, GF, V*)

Roasted beets, Kappelin juustola’s blue cheese, pickled vegetables, beet hummus, and raspberry balsamico vinaigrette

19,9 €

Tataki salmon bowl (LF, GF, V*)

Marinated salmon, edamame beans, pickled cucumbers, marinated mushrooms, pickled vegetables, miso egg, fried noodles, and rice

19,9 €

Blackened beef (LF, GF)

Cajun seasoned Finnish beef sirloin (250g), Bryggeri’s seasoned butter, kale bake, and creamy parmesan polenta

39,9 €

Nami goreng (LF, GF)

Fried rice, chicken, shrimp, scampi skewer, and fried egg

21,9 €

Holy sausage (LF, GF)

Bryggeri chorizo, Andalusian chorizo, lamb chorizo, garlic puree, apple fennel chutney, mustard seed syrup, and sauerkraut pie

24,9 €

Premium burger

Roslund Finnish smash beef patty, brioche bun, cheddar, sriracha mayonnaise, jalapeno ketchup, sweet mustard, beer onions, curly fries, and chipotle mayonnaise

20,9 €

Extra patty +5,9 €

Bacon +3,0 €

Beyond prime vegan burger (V)

Beyond patty, vegan bun, Violive cheddar, vegan sriracha mayonnaise, jalapeno ketchup, sweet mustard, beer onions, pickles, curly fries, and chipotle mayonnaise

20,9 €

Extra patty +5,9 €


Hops & tea tarte (LF, GF)

Hops and tea seasoned tarte and honey lemon ice cream

12,9 €

Baked apple crumble (LF, GF, V*)

Baked apple puree, vanilla and white chocolate mousse, and oat crumble

10,9 €

Selection of cheeses

Selection of assorted cheeses, raspberry jam, figs, and Sofia nut bread

15,9 €