Our beers are brewed on-site for both the restaurant and for our customers to take away. Our selection is built around a few mainstays that are accompanied by a constantly evolving selection of Roope’s new flavors. Our main selection below is always complemented by 4-6 alternating Bryggeri beers and an assorted selection of beers from other breweries both on tap and in bottles.


A balanced and traditional South German wheat beer.

5.0% • EBU 13 • EBC 6 • HOPS: Perle

Yeast adds a banana-like and spicy aroma that mingles smoothly with the wheaty texture of the wheat hops in the beer.


This Indian Pale Ale’s gentle bitterness gives way to fruity and citrusy tones.

5.2% • EBU 48 • EBC 8 • HOPS: Enigma, Hüll Melon, Motueka, Centennial

A fifth of the malt comes from a wheat field, which brings lightness to the foam. A tad better bland IPA.


This wonderful lager features a helles-like sturdy base and just the right amount of malt.

4.7% • EBU 24 • EBC 8 • HOPS: Nugget, Hüll Melon, Hersbrucker

German hops and Vienna malt top off this Southern Biergarten treat.


A strongly hopped German-style lager.

4.6% • EBU 37 • EBC 6 • HOPS: Magnum, Perle, Hersbrucker

Traditional Central European hops varieties give this beer a crispy bitter bite combined with the smooth fruitiness of the malts.


A pitch black elegant Imperial Stout.

9.0% • EBU 58 • EBC 99 • HOPS: Magnum, Challenger, East Kent Golding

The oily texture balances out the heavy maltiness. The taste and aroma feature roastiness, coffee, and sour berries.